About Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association (Lincs Rural)

‘Rural Britain in 1800 had changed little in centuries. It was a rural country, dominated by agriculture, and for most, the world was restricted to their village and the nearest market town – where their family had probably lived for generations. London was almost foreign. The fastest thing on earth was a galloping horse, covering 100 miles a day at best’. (Extracts from ‘All Change in the Victorian Age – by Bruce Robinson)

Lincs Rural was formed in 1986 and continues to work for the benefit of rural communities it was originally founded to serve. Lincs Rural is a small specialist housing association of 429 properties that concentrates on providing affordable quality homes and services in the villages and hamlets throughout Lincolnshire. We are a not for profit organisation and our work helps to preserve local connections for families roots to continue to grow, generation after generation.

The Association, originally registered as an Industrial and Provident Society (25276R), is an ’Exempt Charity’ (included in Schedule 3 to the Charities Act 2011), accountable to its Shareholders and regulated by the ‘Regulator of Social Housing’.

The ‘Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014’ (CCBS) consolidated Industrial and Provident Society legislation from 1 August 2014, with all legal requirements remaining. In accordance with the CCBs Act, the Association is a ‘Pre-Commencement Society – Charitable (formerly I&P Society)’

Societies such as Lincs Rural, who are not a co-operative society or a community benefit society, must exist for the benefit of the community. The internet and modern transportation continue to open up small rural communities, however the lack of affordable housing threatens community balance and long-standing family support networks. The Association must continue to innovate and search for opportunities to provide more affordable rural housing, whilst maintaining existing properties and delivering services to the highest standards.

The Association is a Platinum Investor in People organisation. Lincs Rural has gained a reputation for the provision of excellent services and quality affordable rural housing and has developed some of the most sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally responsible, social housing in the Country.

Lincs Rural’s primary business objective is ‘providing housing, accommodation, and assistance to help house people and associated facilities and amenities [for poor people or for the relief of aged, disabled, handicapped (whether physically or mentally) or chronically sick people]. Also, any other [charitable] object that can be carried out by a Society registered as a social landlord’.

The Association does not trade for profit, and nothing is paid or transferred by way of profit to Shareholders of the Association.

Lincs Rural is a landlord specialising in providing quality affordable housing in the smaller rural communities throughout Lincolnshire, parts of Rutland, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk. With 429 properties, the Association is a Regional leader in the development of innovative energy efficient, environmentally friendly housing.

Lincs Rural is a Platinum Investor in People, which makes a statement about the kind of organisation it is, the way we operate and the values we drive forward.

We know what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable performance and results, because ultimately we understand that its people that make the difference.

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