People Value Statement

Our success is dependent upon the continuing professionalism, skill and commitment of each individual employee and their contribution towards a common goal through effective teamwork. Our management philosophy is based on a belief in teamwork and respect for the individual. Our objective is to develop an environment which stimulates and maintains the process of continuous development.

As such we intend to reach the point where:

  1. Opportunities exist for individuals to develop their potential and to use their abilities;
  2. Individual and team achievements are recognised and individual performance is appropriately acknowledged;
  3. All of our employees understand our mission, objectives and strategies and their role in achieving them;
  4. Employees’ and team performance objectives exist and are agreed and understood by all;
  5. Skill enhancement and the practical application of skills is facilitated and encouraged; and
  6. Learning opportunities are offered through formal teaching methods, experience-based learning methods and self-directed development.

We recognise the importance of work satisfaction. We encourage individuals to improve their performance, and we aim to reward this improvement firstly by offering a team ‘Reward and Recognition Scheme’ and secondly by working with the individual towards job enrichment and their career development in line with business objectives. We will, wherever possible, strive to promote from within and always on merit.

We work to maintain each individual’s commitment, enthusiasm and value to the Association. Everyone will have an annual appraisal of their performance against previously agreed objectives. This appraisal provides a mutual opportunity for identifying obstacles to successful performance, creating development and training plans, and discussing future career development options. This assessment process is an important part of the relationship between the individual and their manager.

With our commitment to continuous development we are able to create a stimulating environment for individuals prepared to accept change and develop new skills. Our success will always be based on the professionalism, skill and commitment of each individual employee.

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